Today Reverb Recommends Helping Gabriel Teodros Fund Colored People's Time Machine

One of Seattle's most soulful musicians, lyricist/community activist Gabriel Teodros has finished his sophomore solo record Colored People's Time Machine, and wants you to help him fund the release. If you were a fan of 2007's Love Work (you should be), Abyssinian Creole, or last year's Air 2 a Bird collaboration Crow Hill with Amos Miller, and aren't a fan of things like London's Heathrow Airport, labels, and . . . not getting to hear new Gabriel Teodros music, then why don't you mouse over thisaway--------->to his IndieGoGo donation page, where you can also find the album's track list.

Some perks include T-shirts, posters, a writing workshop, and a performance at a venue of your choosing. Oh, and new GT music. The catch is, Gabe has less than three days to raise money on the site, so if you're waffling on whether or not to contribute, you should probably either shit or jump porcelain, 'cause you're wafflin' time is running out.

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