The New Rapture Album In the Grace of Your Love is Playing in Its Entirity on a Turntable Right Now on the Internet!

Jesus Christ! I am massively derelict in posting today due to an excursion into the depths of the so-called "East Side," and now I'm running out the door to visit the Weekly offices for my mandatory age-verification, BUT! Before I go, please to enjoy the new Rapture album, In the Grace of Your Love (Christ-y?!), due out Sept. 6th, spinning in its entirety above, via DFA's "White Out Sessions." (Lead single "How Deep is Your Love" struck me as a nice little DFA piano and sax break but not much for a Rapture song, first song here "Sail Away" is a more promising lift-off, and that's as far as I've gotten.) Ta!

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