Last week we learned that the always-amusing Flaming Lips had successfully released three new songs . . . via a USB drive found inside a


She Don't Use . . . Gummy Bears? The Six Weirdest, Most Unholy Band/Brand Alliances

Last week we learned that the always-amusing Flaming Lips had successfully released three new songs . . . via a USB drive found inside a gummy fetus. Yes, you read that right. A delicious, edible, gummy fetus.

If you haven't been keeping up with the latest antics of the Oklahoma psych-pop maniacs (who play the Puyallup Fair September 21), they vowed in January to release a new song every month in 2011. February's song came in the form of 12 YouTube videos that needed to be played simultaneously to be heard correctly, followed by March's more traditional EP with Neon Indian. We're not sure they've held to their promise since then, but in addition to the aforementioned gummy babies, frontman Wayne Coyne has announced plans to release songs inside a gummy skull with a brain that "tastes of marijuana," a gummy frog, and even potentially buried inside gummy sex toys and/or genitals.

Don't ask us where Coyne got the idea for edible music, or why he's on a gummy kick. Of course, it's obvious the endeavor is purely for the Lips' own satisfaction, but the sheer weirdness of the project got us thinking about other unlikely products endorsed by musicians. So without further ado, here are the six strangest, most unholy band/brand alliances.

1. Bob Dylan for Victoria's Secret.

Fans were outraged in 2004 when the Bard appeared in a commercial for lingerie company Victoria's Secret. His motives for doing so have never been revealed, but hey, it's hardly weirder than putting out a Christmas album, which he did in 2009.

2. Weezer for State Farm.

Weezer covered the Barry Manilow-penned jingle for the insurance giant earlier this year, leading some to marvel at the band's ability to consistently achieve new lows, while others lamented that if it weren't a State Farm jingle, it would have been the best song they'd released in years.

The All-American Rejects show off their Denny's creation.
3. The "Rockstar Menu" at Denny's.

If you've been to a Denny's in the past few years (hey, we're all stuck at an airport hotel sometimes), you may have noticed there's more on the menu than the usual "Moons Over My Hammy." The chain's "Rockstar Menu" featured edible creations like Sum 41's "the Sumwich" and Good Charlotte's "Band of Burritos." Other participating acts included Rascal Flatts, Gym Class Heroes, the All-American Rejects, and Eagles of Death Metal. Oh, and Taking Back Sunday. The list gets funnier and funnier. We're just surprised they didn't include Limp Bizkits and Gravy.

4. Jack White's Coke jingle.

The White Stripes wore red and white, and Coke's packaging is red and white, so it's only natural the Stripes' frontman would write them a song to use in their advertisements. Right?

5. Smokey Robinson and Cracker Barrel.

You're used to being able to buy everything from jazz compilations to the latest Fleet Foxes album at Starbucks. But did you know you could buy the last album by Miracles singer Smokey Robinson only through Southern-food chain Cracker Barrel? Yep, they have a label of sorts that puts out mainly country and gospel releases. It's a strange world.

6. Kiss' "Kasket."

While we're on the subject of "Did-you-knows," did you know Mötley Crüe has a wine? And Marilyn Manson has his own brand of absinthe, Mansinthe? In a similar vein to those so-wrong-but-yet-so-right pairings (Mötley Crüe does have a song called "Fine Fine Wine," after all), the nation's premier face-painted hard-rock band has a line of caskets--excuse us, "kaskets"--in their name. Sayeth Gene Simmons upon their release, "I love livin', but this makes the alternative look pretty damn good."

What did we miss? Add your vote for strangest band/brand pairing in the comments!

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