Frances Bean Cobain Is Now a Sexy, Cigarette-Smoking, Tatted-Up Babe Machine

Frances Bean Cobain has spent the entirety of her life as a footnote to the trials and antics of her famous parents--most recently, mom Courtney Love lost custody of her two years ago and then posted a spate of bitter Facebook and Twitter messages against the teenager, accusing her of being "clearly deluded." During moments like that, Frances seemed like the undeserving victim of her mom's craziness. But in recent years, she's finally seemed to be coming into her own. Last December, she held a gallery show of her ink drawings at L.A.'s La Luz De Jesus Gallery, with one piece depicting Jim Jones and other sporting the captions "I Don't Owe You Shit" and "Treat Me Like Your Mother or I'll Eat the Sun." But the clearest indication of Frances' new adult identity came a few days ago, when fashion designer and photographer Hedi Slimane posted a series of photographs featuring Frances on his photoblog.

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Frances--who will turn 19 on August 18--has done photoshoots before (remember Harper's Bazaar in 2008?), but none as intimate as this one. She looks absolutely stunning in Slimane's photos. (Check out the whole series on his website). She looks like an exact mixture of her parents, she has great eyebrows, and more important, it's wonderful to see her looking so confident, like an assured, full-blooded adult woman. And those tattoos! The one on her right shoulderblade is apparently British writer/gay icon Quentin Crisp. Another one on her arm quotes the lyrics to Jeff Buckley's "Grace." And there's probably a lot more that we can't even see.

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