Capitol Hill Block Party is upon us this weekend; in anticipation of the big event, I decided to ask some of my favorite local musicians


Witch Gardens' Casey Catherwood Talks Capitol Hill Block Party: New Songs, Summer Hits, and the POTUSA (The Real Ones)

Capitol Hill Block Party is upon us this weekend; in anticipation of the big event, I decided to ask some of my favorite local musicians playing the fest a few important questions. There isn't a better person to kick off this series with than the Warlock of Witch Gardens (he prefers Mr. Witch), Casey Catherwood.

SW: What fresh & exciting things can we expect from your Block Party set?

Catherwood: It will have been a month since we have played a concert, so you KNOW the energy and anticipation will be peaking. On an overall band note, we will be playing a few new songs and focusing on our summer hits, which there are so many to pack in a 30-minute set! For me, personally, the past month has been a hot, sweaty, emotional roller coaster, and I have a lot to talk about! Twitter (@witchgardens) serves only so much in the "getting things off your chest department," and I am ready to talk to our fans!

Will you be rapping?

It really depends on your definition of rap! If you are asking whether we will be performing our hip-hop collaboration with Manch, that may or may not be happening, but I will absolutely be rapping, talking shop, even circus barking throughout our performance.

Do you have a fun summer outfit planned?

I don't usually plan too far ahead with outfits, but given the elevated circumstances, it might be a good idea! If I have to predict, some sort of elegant short pants and tank top or embroidered shirt will be the ultimate decision. I wouldn't be surprised if my bandmates haven't thought about their outfits already. They are some of, if not the most, well-planned and put-together dressers in music today!

If you could have any celebrity in your audience, who would it be, and why?

It would be pretty fun to have Presidents Carter, Bush Sr. and Jr., Clinton, and Obama in attendance! The sheer mass of security detail would pack the place, plus, can you imagine the hype of every living POTUSA watching Witch Gardens? That would be exciting and a total honor, but at the end of the day, it would be simply breathtaking to look out into the crowd and see my hero and liege, former actor Frank Muniz in the crowd. I have to say, Erin, I know I have spoken poorly of him in the past, but that is all so petty and behind me now. Frank, if you are reading this, you won't have to pay, we will get you in for free!

If you look into the audience while you're playing and see Eric Grandy shake his head in disgust and walk away, what will you do?

Eric is a critic's critic. We have history and I always shake his hand when I see him, but at the end of the day, he has an eagle eye for failure. If he is shaking his head during our set, I will know that we have done something wrong. At that point, it's back to the drawing board!

What's the one other set you're most excited to see?

I'm into a lot of the talented acts playing the festival, but at the end of the day, block parties are all about good times! I'm going with the trailblazers, Mash Hall, and the young up-and-comers, Kung Foo Grip and Brothers From Another as my top picks! I look up to Mash Hall's Lar Mizell Jr. for setting the tone for kids like KFG and BFA to continue to make Seattle a great hip hop city!

Who would you rather run into in the beer garden, Thurston Moore or Bethany Cosentino? Why?

I imagine I will run into both, so I guess this really comes down to who gives me butterflies in my stomach! Thurston is an established legend while Bethany is still paving her own path. Both are great, but I would have a stronger desire to "cheers" Mr. Moore!

Witch Gardens plays Capitol Hill Block Party's Vera Stage this Saturday, July 23, at 4 p.m. It will serve as the release show for their new record, Alice, Agatha, Branch & Christ, which is already receiving high praise.

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