Today Reverb Recommends Buying Your $75, Three-Day Pass to Bumbershoot While You Can

Because back in the day ('97), one could see Foo Fighters, David Byrne, Beck, and . . . Sheryl Crow at Bumbershoot for inside of $10 a day, every price point the festival has tried in recent years has been met with a steady stream of "Yeah, but you used to be able to see . . . " It's true, you didn't use to have to look at a schedule. For $10, you knew there'd be SOMETHING that would be worth your while. But at $50, there'd better be something big for everyone.

$75 three-day passes are as good as it's been for a looong time. And even though the fest has downsized the star power at the top of the bill, Bumbershoot--Sept. 3-5 at Seattle Center--is the most affordable festival of its kind in the Northwest. Today's the last day you can get the deal. If you put it off, no whining when you have to fork out $45 at the gate to see Big Boi.

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