Last week, back when it was sunny, a bunch of us on Reverb posted lists of our current summer listening albums. Here's mine , the


Some Other Summer Sounds: A Mixtape Round-Up (Featuring Odd Future, Cold Cave, Secret Colors, and More)

Last week, back when it was sunny, a bunch of us on Reverb posted lists of our current summer listening albums. Here's mine, the #1 slot of which is held by what I still believe to be the best summertime mix of the season so far, Motor City Drum Ensemble's outstanding entry into the DJ-Kicks series. But, of course, almost immediately after making that post, new summer mixes started popping up. Here's a quick roundup of a few that have come to my attention over the past week:

Tyler, the Creator's Summer Camp Mix

Your usual breezy backyard mix of hip-hop and R&B old and new, Odd Future and otherwise, presided over by latest Tyler alter-ego "DJ Stank Daddy"--I haven't finished the whole thing, but if he makes it to the end without raping or killing anyone, this could be his most likable guise yet! (Note: This mix was up for a couple days, then pulled, and now you have to find it yourself--I like filestube for that sort of thing, but do what you like.)

More after the jump . . .

Goth wavers Cold Cave might not strike you as typical icons of summer (ahem), but they've put together a diverse mix of moody jams designed for "the summer indoors against the exhaustion of traffic outside," with tracks ranging from Arthur Russel to Vashti Bunyan. Get it at Cold Cave's Tumblr (via Stereogum).

Seattle ambient looper Secret Colors' new mix for Group Tightener (with an assist from sometimes bandmate/full-time barker Casey Catherwood) drifts from pan flutes to the Incredible String Band to U.S.F. to Harry Nilsson for what the Fader calls "an ideal soundtrack for leaving the office to set up folding beach chairs in your new backyard."

Finally, Andrew Matson gives notice today to recent Seattle transplant Craft Spells' new "instrumental summer mixtape and B-sides" downloadable here, saying, "After the pastel success of full-length album "Idle Labor," these new tracks keep hitting a sweet spot for that disco/hip-hop fan who keeps dried flowers around the house, a paperback in the butt pocket of their jeans, and the 1980s in the back of their mind."

There you go, stock up--the sun could come back at any minute (jk, the sun's gone out forever #fakecoldcavelyrics).

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