John Roderick Is Fielding Your Bumbershoot-Related Questions and Conundrums

One of the 83 pictures of John Roderick that I have on my computer.
Reverb columnist John Roderick has been on leave tweeting for the last couple of months, but when he returns, the Long Winters frontman and longtime member of the local music community is going to try something a little different in his piece previewing Bumbershoot: answer your Bumbershoot-related questions, problems, dilemmas, etc.

Wondering who to see at 5 p.m. on Sunday? Ask John. Want to know where the best place to get a taco in Queen Anne is? Ask John. Want to know why Colin Meloy has to sing like that? Ask John. Want to know if ARTIST FEES are responsible for the rise (and recent slight down-tick) of ticket prices at summer festivals? Ask John.

Yes, if you really don't have any Bumbershoot-related queries but have some other burning question you need answered, go ahead and send it along, too. We'll see what can be done.

Send your questions to me at with "QUESTION FOR RODERICK" in the subject field. The sooner the better!

Thanks, y'all.

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