Reverb Monthly, Seattle Weekly's New Music Magazine, Launches August 31

Laurie Pearman
I'm excited to announce that on August 31, Seattle Weekly will add a magazine, Reverb Monthly, to its family of music outlets, which currently includes a daily blog and weekly section of the paper.

A monthly magazine will allow us to escape the hustle of daily and weekly deadlines and to step back and put the scene into context--to create a time capsule that will document the evolution of the Seattle sound and how it fits into the city's larger culture. For casual music fans, Reverb will provide a monthly snapshot of the sounds surrounding them, while active participants in the local scene will gain a greater understanding of the music community's personalities, infrastructure, and significance.

New features will come from old friends like Duff McKagan, John Roderick, and many others. And, on a single page, we will aim to review every Seattle release of the month, providing the most definitive look yet at the singles, EPs, LPs, and mixtapes being produced by Seattle's artists, bands, and labels.

Each issue will carry a theme, with regular features and news stories touching on topics such as Bumbershoot, SW's Reverb Local Music Festival, and the year in music. The magazine will be printed on newsprint, inserted into the Weekly, and circulated independently at select locations around Seattle. We can't wait to show it to you.

Chris Kornelis

Music Editor, Seattle Weekly

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