Kung Foo Grip Still Has Some Growing to Do, but the Capitalize EP is Already a Standout

By far the funniest moment during Eastside duo Kung Foo Grip's set at the EMP a few weeks back--a fun affair overall, if a young-crowded one, featuring Sol and Grynch--happened when Greg Cypher and Eff is H called all the girls in the room to the front, promising a song just for them, and then proceeded to chant an age-old hip-hop adage: "Fuck bitches, get money." Pure comedy. So while they may not have figured out exactly how to be ladypleasers on stage, the young MCs' latest EP Capitalize is a new high for the rapid improvers.

"Weakdays," the Taysean-laced single that dropped just before that EMP show, remains the projects best effort--but there's no shortage of hard firing. Then again, tracks like "Orange Crush" and features from Ray Dalton (who really ought to have more places to showcase some awesome pipes) prove KFG is capable of taking a step back. You can stream Capitalize and cop it on a sliding scale via their bandcamp.

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