Krist Novoselic: Give the Power to the Voters, Not Partisan Mapmakers

Our old friend Krist Novoselic--the former Nirvana bassist who wrote about music and politics for the Weekly and Reverb for several years--is still penning op-eds about election reform.

The McClatchey wire service picked up a piece he co-wrote with Bob Richie--Novoselic's associate at FairVote--that is running in the Sacramento Bee, Newsday, and the Bellingham Herald, among others. In it, the authors advocate for election reforms that would give independent and third-party candidates--and their supporters--a greater chance to have a voice in office.

Despite a long history of use in our elections, proportional voting is new to many Americans. The concept is simple: Like-minded voters can pool their votes together to elect representatives in proportion to their level of support. The result is multi-seat legislative districts with lawmakers who can represent the majority AND the minority of voters."

Check it out!

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