Grynch Gets Nice, Channels a Legend on New Track "Mister Rogers"

It's a beautiful day in Grynch's neighborhood.
Seattle's Grynch is a nice guy (see picture). So much so that if he comes off as anything but positive in one of his songs, it just might be cause for concern--something must be up. So with the release of his new single "Mister Rogers" today, it's as if the Ballard native is simply checking in to say "Don't worry everybody, I'm having a good day." And we appreciate it.

The Jake One-produced track provides a happy soul setting for Grynch's stroll through his neighborhood. He name-checks some favorites: Golden Gardens, Paseo, Little League, friends.

Very much a feel-good song, "Mister Rogers" finishes with a nice audio clip of America's Most Famous Neighbor himself talking about that warm fuzzy feeling we get when we listen to music. Head over to iTunes to get that feeling yourself. Also, check out a live in-studio performance of the song in the KEXP studios after the jump.

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