More Bad News for Cap Hill Record Buyers: Everyday Music Is Leaving the Oddfellows Building, Confirms Owner Scott Kuzma

Last month, in the wake of news that Sonic Boom was closing their Capitol Hill location, Everyday Music assistant manager Josh Hansen told me of his own store, "As far as I know, we're doing OK. We're not doing great, but we're not going out of business." They might not be going out of business, but he might have been right about things not going so great--this morning, the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog is reporting that Everyday is being replaced by fashion boutique Totokaelo.

I just spoke with another Everyday assistant manager, Suzanne Ledoux, who says that this is the first her staff has heard of a definite decision, but CHSB has Everyday owner Scott Kuzma confirming the move, stating, "We're not getting killed. We're hanging in there. If I can find a different location with the right rent, Seattle is still a good record market . . . We'd like to stay close, but we can't afford to be on Broadway at $35-$50/foot."

The Oddfellows building seems to be a ideal retail space--as Easy Street Records owner Matt Vaughan acknowledged to us back in June. If Everyday couldn't make it there, seems like a worrisome sign. We'll have more updates to come--in the meantime, let's all keep our fingers crossed that Everyday will be able to find another Capitol Hill location . . .

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