Back in the Day, DV8 Hosted Foo Fighters, Rancid, and a Post-Dookie Green Day. Today ...

Before heading into Artopia last week, I had a Jager bomb with Charles Leo Gebhardt and T.V. Coahran at the Funhouse. While we were yakking, the subject of the old DV8 came up. DV8 is a now-deceased all-ages club that was just a stone's throw from the Funhouse, right next to Seattle Center.

Coahran and Gebhardt, it turns out, both went to the same Rancid show there, and I caught a memorable ZEBRAHEAD show there (I was really into them in 1999). Gebhardt even caught a post-Dookie set from Green Day there, a booking that still blows my mind today.

After our drinks, we wandered over to the old space, and were a bit saddened by the state of things (above). It wasn't the coolest venue in town (whatever that means), but it was a great room for sweaty, all-ages shows.

And that's today's walk down memory lane.

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