Today Reverb Recommends Spending Some Time With the (Nearly) Commercial-Free Classic Rock of 104.5

Graham Nash
When it comes to commercial classic-rock radio, there's plenty to love and lots to hate. The worst thing about the format is not the truncated playlists (do they know Skynyrd made more than one record?), or the length of the commercial breaks, it's the commercials themselves. They're so grating and invasive, it's as if they were designed to command a listener to switch channels. The best thing about classic-rock radio? The classic rock. 104.5 KMCQ is the classic-rock station created for people who have given up on classic rock.

Playing "American pop" from the '60s and '70s, KMCQ's catalog is deeper than the organ solo on "Light My Fire." You hear a lot of the same bands in the "oldies" and classic-rock genres, but it's not just the same old hits, and they play KISS and the Beach Boys back-to-back.

What's better, there's roughly the same amount of commercial interruption you hear on Internet radio. What seems like, maybe, every 30 minutes they'll air a single commercial and then get right back to the music.

And I haven't heard "Stairway" yet!

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