Today I'm Listening to YACHT's New Album Shangri-La

Portland electro-pop duo/performance art entity YACHT are streaming their new album (and second--not first, as NPR has it--for esteemed label DFA) Shangri-La at NPR right now. I've just made it into the first track, via a pretty hilarious "in a world . . . " movie-voice intro about lost utopias, but I plan to spend the better part of the next hour here getting into it.

OK, jumped ahead to the third track (I've previously written about second track "Dystopia (The Earth Is on Fire)" here), and it seems like every one of these has such a spoken-word intro? I wonder if that's going to be on the finished album or if that's just an expository bonus for this stream? Hmmm.

Another initial observation: Seems to be a little more guitar and bass and less synth and drum machine, at least so far, than on their last record, 2009's excellent See Mystery Lights. I'll get back to listening here and report back soon.

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