On the Heels of Cinémetropolis, Prometheus Brown and Bambu Are Already "At It Again"

The Blue Scholars didn't wait long after dropping their third LP Cinémetropolis to jet off to Hawaii (the land of OOF!) to play some shows and help out with some youth workshops at the University of Hawaii before their fall tour.

But the duo's MC half also wasted no time prepping his next release--the EP collaboration with L.A. rapper Bambu of Native Guns titled Walk Into a Bar, recorded over a week spent in Oahu this past winter--which will fortunately be available to those both on and off the islands. And until that project drops in its entirety, lead single "At It Again" is your first taste.

From the opening line, delivered by Bambu--"It is the answer to whether or not a quote-unquote conscious duo can go"--the track hits as hard as one would expect another Geo/Bam collaboration to. Just a verse from each MC and and 1:30 of untouched Victor Shade-sounding MTK production--complete with the hardest horns--carries an excitement that belies its structural simplicity.

Walk Into a Bar, also featuring production from Vitamin D, Budo, DJ Nphared, and Justo of The Physics, drops July 6 via Beatrock Music and IN4MATION.

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