Words + Photo: When Shooting My Morning Jacket, It's Hard to See Anything Other Than Frontman Jim James

Laura Musselman
My Morning Jacket played The Paramount on Sunday, June 26.
This post is the first in a new series in which longtime Seattle music photographer Laura Musselman provides her thoughts on what it was like to be at, and shoot, a show.

The best part about being crouched down in front of a stage for 10-15 minutes is being so close to the action, especially when the music is big and the front man is a maniac. Jim James is a wild man. It's hard to watch anything or anyone else on stage--he commands so much attention that rest of the band really exist just to elevate him. Even from the back of the room his vocals were clear and the mix was nice, the atmosphere complemented by a constant mix of fog-machine and pot-smoke haze. -- LAURA MUSSELMAN

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