Is Damien Jurado the Reason Why Christopher Browder, aka Mansions, Moved to Seattle?

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The brooding Browder.
Back in February at the Sunset, a young man named Christopher Browder, who had just moved to Seattle from Kentucky, played his first Seattle show performing as Mansions. 'Round the same time, City Arts published a column ("Mossback Gospel") penned by Damien Jurado, who wrote that he'd gotten an e-mail from a "local kid" from Kentucky who "sold everything he has, put his guitars and his suitcase in his pickup truck, and is driving from Kentucky to Seattle." Just a coincidental fan encounter, or was he referring to Browder?

On Monday, Mansions released a new video for the single "City Don't Care" off the album Dig Up the Dead. We'll get back to you on whether Jurado actually did invite Browder to Seattle, but for now, check out the video and tell me Mansions--with a delicate sound somewhere between Death Cab and Fences--isn't in good company up here in the Northwest.

Mansions - "City Don't Care" from Consequence of Sound on Vimeo.

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