Kirkland Duo Kung Foo Grip's "Weakdays" Prove They Continue to Avoid Having One

Checking the next-generation support Blue Scholars opted for to open their Cinémetropolis release parties, it's impossible to ignore there's already a crop of up-and-comers in line for Seattle's hip-hop spotlight. If you didn't already know, add teenage Kirkland duo Kung Foo Grip to that list.

Riding a laid-back Tay Sean beat (of Helladope/Helluvastate fame) with a passion and comfortability beyond their years, last week's pre-album leak "Weakdays" shows Greg Cypher and Eff is H poised to become some of the Town's best boom-bappers. Obvious skill aside, the kids spit rhymes with a cypher-circle vehemence--"I ain't another rapper, just the voice of the village."

The improvement that's happened in the one short year since their debut Make Moves EP dropped--which, along with three-track exclusive is still available on BandCamp--is alone good reason to keep track of their trajectory, and makes forthcoming release CAPITALIZE one of Seattle's most potentially exciting summer albums.

The potential already earned them a (too-short) shared spot with fellow youngsters Brothers From Another on the Capitol Hill Block Party's opening day, July 22, at the Vera Stage. But in the meantime, catch them this Saturday at the EMP Sky Church when they open for Grynch and Sol at the latter's first Seattle headlining gig. Doors at 8 p.m., $10 to get you through 'em.

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