Pick Up Tuesday's Hottest Album Releases Without Breaking the Bank

Arctic Monkeys.
Though Apple's 2011 World Wide Developer Conference on Monday still has the the web abuzz over fancy tech words like "iOS 5" and "Lion," it's again time to focus on what really matters in life--buying stuff cheap.

Today happens to mark the release of several highly anticipated LPs, and for anyone like myself who is storing away loose pocket change until the iPhone 4S is finally announced, every penny counts.

Here are the top 5 albums being released today, and where to purchase them the cheapest.


Arctic Monkeys: Suck It and See

Where to buy: Amazon

Sticking to the typical $9.99 fashion, iTunes offers the CD at a better deal than most stores. However, Amazon ups the ante and has the new album available for $7.99 in either instant-download mp3 format or an actual audio CD.


Black Lips: Arabia Mountain

Where to buy: Amazon

Again taking the reigns is Amazon, who is selling the album (mp3) for only $7.99. For $8.99, Amazon will throw in two music videos, which is still $1 less than iTunes will be selling it for at regular price.

Bonus: Paste Magazine is offering a free download of the new single "Modern Art."


Tech N9ne: All 6's and 7's

Where to buy: Anywhere but Tech N9ne's website

Pretty much every website unanimously decided to sell the CD for $9.99. Tech N9ne, however, did not get that memo. It might be a strong album, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say it isn't worth $18.98.


All Time Low: Dirty Work

Where to buy: Amazon/iTunes

Amazon is selling the mp3 version of Dirty Work for $7.99, which is $2 cheaper than iTunes. However, those looking to get the Deluxe Edition will either have to pay $11.99 on iTunes, or spend $14.99 and wait for it to arrive in the mail from Amazon.

Randy Travis Anniversary Celebration - CountryMusicRocks.net.jpg

Randy Travis: Anniversary Celebration

Where to buy: Amazon/iTunes

Hand-picked for this list due to his love of all things country, Caleb Hannan suggests checking out either iTunes or Amazon, as both are selling the album for $9.99. Lest we forget, a price tag can't be put on a man's love for deep, swooning vocals.

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