Those of You Who Hated Bob Dylan's Bumbershoot 2010 Set--This Is What You Wanted to Hear

It still baffles me how many people walked (or ran) away from Bob Dylan's Bumbershoot 2010 set feeling shortchanged. I can only imagine that there's a trail of divided early-Dylan fans around the country who go to a show and walk away wondering why his voice and the song's arrangements don't mirror what they heard on Greatest Hits Volume II.

For those of you among the mass who didn't appreciate the inventive arrangements and the man's compromised vocals, I've created the festival experience you were after. Here's a playlist of Dylan's set in all its studio glory. Yes, you've gotta be a MOG subscriber to listen, but the first two weeks are free, so dig in.

I've thought about the Dylan set a lot since Bumbershoot announced its plans to scale down the festival and forgo bookings of, for lack of a better word, household names. It's a new era for the festival, to be sure, and we'll see come Labor Day how things shake out.

But for the previous Bumbershoot era, Dylan was the quintessential artist: a creative genius, an artistically satisfying headliner who could fill a stadium, a cross-generational draw long sought by the festival. That he capped Bumbershoot's last act--with a blistering set, at that--is in retrospect extremely fitting.

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