Doe Bay Fest --which, amazingly, sold out before the lineup was even announced --did finally reveal its full lineup earlier this month. Among the acts


DJ Gajamagic on Champagne Champagne at Doe Bay Fest: "Hopefully [People] Will Play Nice and We Won't Get Hated On"


Doe Bay Fest--which, amazingly, sold out before the lineup was even announced--did finally reveal its full lineup earlier this month. Among the acts set to perform at this year's festival, which runs August 11-14, are The Head and the Heart, the Maldives, Shelby Earl, and Cobirds Unite--all pretty standard for a festival that, for the past four years, has built a reputation as a folk/singer-songwriter-centric event. (In the past, Doe Bay has hosted such performers as the Moondoggies, Ivan & Alyosha, and Zoe Muth; The Maldives and The Head and the Heart have both made multiple appearances).

The surprising part of this year's Doe Bay lineup comes with the addition of several hip-hop acts--last year THEESatisfaction did play, but this year the genre will be represented by Mash Hall, Don't Talk to the Cops, Fly Moon Royalty, and, most notably, Seattle's biggest party boys, Champagne Champagne. Yesterday I spoke with Champagne's Mark Gajadhar about how the trio came to be involved in the festival and how they feel about playing to a different audience than usual . . .

I was hanging out with a group of friends and they were all talking about a festival they hit up last year on Orcas Island. They all said it was amazing and were planning on making the trip up there this year. I caught wind that the festival was sold out before they announced the lineup and was kind of bummed that I was going to miss it this year also. So I went on the website for Doe Bay and looked up their contact info. Our booking agent got a hold of them, and they were stoked that we asked to jump on the show. From what I gathered the festival people said they were trying to get us up there last year; I must have overlooked that e-mail or something. So yeah, basically my friends said the festival is a lot of fun, we thought we would try and play, and now we are. Kind of awesome.

As for the festival's folky reputation:

I think playing a "folk" festival will be very interesting. To be completely honest I really don't know much about the folk-ness surrounding Doe Bay Fest but I think that people will hopefully play nice with Champagne and we won't get hated on. We do have a new record almost done, so I would expect to hear new tunes from Champagne at that show.

And finally, a question, we're all asking ourselves, can DJ Gajamagic, Sir Thomas Gray, and Pearl Dragon rough it in the wilderness? Says Gajadhar:

I don't know if [Thomas and Pearl] are the camping types. I have been camping a few times and I think it's a lot of fun. But I have no idea what we are going to do for that weekend. We might just turn our 15-passenger van into a giant fort. I don't know the rules at the festival but I plan to bring a BBQ and would love to grill on stage.

Summertime, water views, Champagne, and BBQ? Sounds like a party to me, no matter what kind of music's playing. And honestly, it's difficult not to have a good time when these three are around. Smart booking, Doe Bay!

Check out Doe Bay's full lineup, which also includes Reverb faves Ravenna Woods, Lemolo, and much more, on their official website.

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