Also Tonight: State of the Artist Headlines Neumos' (Free!) Beach Party

Seattle may just now be starting to figure summer out, but the fine folks over at Neumos have been ready: Just days after the summer solstice, it's officially time for a beach party. With a full DJ lineup graced by Tigerbeat, Four Color Zack, Case One, DJ N8, and Sean Cee, the dance floor gets priority placement, and headlining duties go to one of Seattle's sunniest hip-hop trios State of the Artist--their significantly darker recent EP Altered State notwithstanding. But with songs like "Chief Seattle" under their belt (and the promise of collaboration with Ski Team, the producers responsible for that track as well as some of their more upbeat fare), the SOTA crew fits a summer party theme effortlessly.

Music aside, the following things have been promised: retro beach movies, cabana boys, palm trees, glistening bodies, Jell-O shots, tiki torches, beach balls, sand dunes, a Stoli waterfall bar, a tropical photo booth, surfboards, SPF 15, outdoor games, shark attack, sexy lifeguards. There are also a handful of competitions (hula hoop, best swimsuit, best team outfit, double dutch, limbo) with fabulous prizes (Capitol Hill Block Party tickets, tickets to Neumos shows, tickets to Hawaii... and a "real live dolphin (comes with baby pool)." We can't vouch for all the promises made, but entry is free if you're old enough to drink--guess it couldn't hurt to check it out. Doors open at 9 p.m.

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