Wet Hair Cancels Entire West Coast Tour, Including This Saturday's Cairo Show

Bad news if you were planning on hitting up Cairo this Saturday to see Iowa's Wet Hair--the show's been cancelled, along with the rest of the West Coast leg of the band's tour, because vocalist Shawn Reed has been injured. Reed posted the following explanation and apology to Facebook:

Bad News: Last week I injured my knee with enough force to tear 2 ligaments away from the bone. I also have a small fracture and some other damage that is less serious but needs attention. Timing for this couldn't come at a worse time, Wet Hair has a big west coast tour planned starting next week with our friend Rene Hell that Destijl has been putting effort into as well, it caused me alot of heartache over the last few days but the tour has to be canceled. The shows with Broken Water will still happen just without Wet Hair, all the other shows won't happen for us or Rene Hell. Sorry to anyone who put work into these shows. I go into surgery on Tuesday so that I can have full use of my knee in the future. I will be walking again on my own by July and we hope to make up the tour in the late summer. I will try to contact everyone who was booking a show as soon as I can. We are still playing the record release this weekend in Iowa City, and our record is coming out as planned on Destijl. We put alot of heart and hard work into the band over the years and this record is proof of that effort and resilience check it out here:http://www.destijlrecs.com/wethair.html Night-People orders might be slowed down a bit since I won't be able to get around very well for a bit, but I will work hard to stay on top of everything. Thanks, and sorry to disappoint anyone- Shawn

Speedy recovery wishes to Reed; it sounds as if Wet Hair plans to make up for the lost show later this summer. In the meantime we suggest instead going to Cairo on Friday night to check out our good friends in Footwork!

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