Through @ 2: Would You Like to Be Their Neighbors?

The situation On one of this spring's few warm evenings, I'm sitting on the back porch of Linda's. Across from me, the power-pop quartet Neighbors--Nathan Anderson, John Enebrad, and East Coast transplants José Diaz and David Bourgin--are sharing pitchers of Olympia. All four Neighbors wear glasses. Enebrad tells me that he wears his to disguise his "very small, beady eyes," and that he never lets anyone see said eyes without the protection of the lenses. It's the first of a number of erratic comments he'll make throughout the interview--he says he's been drinking since 3 that afternoon, purposely pours his bandmates glasses of beer half-full of head, and eventually answers all questions with a series of "your mom" jokes.

How They Got Here Anderson, newly 21, is the young cherub of the group. He balances the band with UW, where he's working toward a degree in international studies. It isn't always easy--he recently slept through a midterm after staying up late jamming with the band. His professor let him make it up, though.

"I got a 94 percent!" he says.

Shop Talk Neighbors just released a full-length called Puros Exitos, Spanish for "Greatest Hits." The album is a fulfillment of Diaz's goal to create an indie-pop record after he moved to Seattle from Philadelphia two years ago.

"I wanted to be in a band like Teenage Fanclub, 'cause I'd been listening to them for, like, a week," he says. (Before that, "I wanted to be Conor Oberst. I wanted to be Bright Eyes. Then I wanted to be Kevin Barnes. I wanted to be of Montreal.") He describes his band's tunes pretty accurately as "sort of sweet, but loud as shit, and noisy."

BTW: Bourgin and Enebrad are also co-workers at Capitol Hill's Kaladi Brothers Coffee.

"When I moved out here, I thought I was going to be a scientist," says Bourgin. "Now I'm a barista." That might be a temporary gig, though--he's considering going to get his master's in clinical psychology at Columbia, where he's already been accepted.

Of Kaladi, he says, "Our boss rarely schedules [John and I] together, because he knows what will happen."

What will happen? "We'll just flick each other in the ear a lot," says Enebrad, and then he reaches over and flicks Bourgin in the ear. Take Columbia, Dave.

Neighbors plays the Funhouse this Wednesday, May 18, with The Lion The Tamer and HeroCop. The show starts at 9:30 p.m. and the cover is $5.

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