Sasquatch's "Fifth Stage" Kept the Campgrounds Partying Long After the Official Concerts Ended

The GNU Deal plays Sasquatch's unofficial campground stage.
News travels fast around the Sasquatch campground--especially when there's a glowing flagpole topping two retrofitted school busses that sandwich a 22-foot-long stage, four 18-inch subwoofers and four 15-inch monitors that blast out 8,000 watts of attraction.

Affectionately referred to as "The Murder Busses" by the 20 passengers they carried (thanks to their black-on-chrome paint) but better known simply as "the party busses," the two are owned by Mark Mallahan and Marc Njos of Bellingham and Dan Carter of Montana--who spent more than $3,000 on this year's trip alone. Why do they do it? "I just enjoy watching my friends have the time of their life," says Njos. "I didn't even drink in high school, but I still threw the parties."

In the mornings, following sets from Seattle artists like hip-hop duo The GNU Deal and electro DJs Cozmic Danger, the place was a graveyard of alcohol--proving that festivalgoers weren't ready to quit raging just because Foo Fighters or Bassnectar's set was over. Hundreds of people were drawn to the music, and dozens continued to dejectedly pass by after it was forced to be turned off.

Njos says they won't be back next year--as much due to theft of more than $600 as the perceived crackdown by security--leaving a big hole to fill for next years revelry.

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