New Favorite Band Alert: Cumulus, the Perfect Soundtrack to This Week's Sun

Marybeth Coghill
By far the best thing that's come out of joining Twitter (@foolsjules, holla!) is my discovery of the music of Cumulus and the mastermind behind the name, Alexandra Niedzialkowski. Her dreamy songs are the perfect accompaniment to the recent spate of sunny weather, and the tracks on her eponymous EP remind a twee-savvy listener of the sweet pop of K Records acts like the Softies.

However, don't get too used to the acoustic version--Niedzialkowski has recently put together a full band with members of the Oregon Donor, Say Hi, and Great Waves. Judging from that lineup, it ought to be a riot of fuzzy rock goodness, not to mention an entirely different animal from the mellow sounds on the EP.

Though a fixture of the Bellingham scene as a solo project, the electric version of Cumulus debuts next Thursday, May 26, at the High Dive with the Thoughts and Noah Gundersen. The show is presented by new-ish music blog Seismic Sound, and I can't wait to finally put a live experience to the songs I've been wearing out on record.

Check out the track "Morning Coffee" below. And be sure to say hi at the show!

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