Kucinich Chimes In on Flag-Waving: "Freedom Rocks!" (Exclamation Point Mine)

After he filled out this week's Reverb Questionnaire, Dennis Kucinich--rock fan, Rep., and appreciator of Kanye on Katy--took a second to chime in on the subject covered in the music lead of this week's paper, "True Patriot Pride." I asked the Ohio congressman and sometime Presidential hopeful how he felt about liberal rock fans feeling as though the American flag has been co-opted by the political right, and why they're less apt to fly the flag at shows than their shamelessly patriotic contemporaries up north. Here is his carefully constructed response:

"Rock concerts are in and of themselves serious expressions of freedom. That includes the freedom to wave the flag and the freedom not to wave the flag. Rock concerts create moments where the celebration of the human spirit transcends national identity. Freedom rocks."

Kucinich speaks at the Seattle Green Festival at 2 p.m., Sunday, at the Qwest Event Center.

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