Motopony's "King of Diamonds" Video Is Full of Sentimental Melancholy, Just Like the Band

Motopony - King of Diamonds from tinyOGRE on Vimeo.

"King of Diamonds," the first single from local experimental folk quartet Motopony's forthcoming self-titled debut, offers a good summation of the band's strengths. What would otherwise be a fairly typical folksong is augmented by a clanking, echoing percussion track and light touches of glockenspiel during the chorus. But it's more than just folk-with-beats--the lyrics are heartfelt, and the chorus is indelibly catchy.

The song now has an accompanying music video fittingly set in Las Vegas, a locale whose penchant for debauchery offers an interesting contrast with frontman Daniel Blue's emotive lyrics: "You've got everything together/You've got everything I want." The band hits the bar, lights fireworks, and witnesses some Playboy bunnies in action (no worries--there's nothing here NSFW), but the video also contains an undercurrent of melancholy--seemingly unrelated shots of lonely people in the laundromat, swimming pools, and hotel rooms.

Motopony's self-titled debut album is out next Tuesday, May 24.

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