Cheeto Resistance, Name That System, and a Few Other Driving Games Invented By JEFF The Brotherhood

JEFF The Brotherhood's making their way to Seattle as we speak (they play the Crocodile tonight with the Greenhornes). It's been a long drive across the country from the brothers' hometown of Nashville, and to pass the time, they've made up some driving games. Yesterday JTB tweeted an example of one such game:

In the van we play a game where everyone eats one cheeto and tries to resist eating any moreless than a minute ago via txt Favorite Retweet Reply

Fun, right? Last week I spoke with Jake Orrall, and he told me about some more van games . . .

Name That System: "Someone names a body part and you have to say what body system it belongs to."

Footsteps: "We have a game called Footsteps where you make a sound with your mouth and the others have to guess what kind of person made that sound. Where the person lives, what they weigh, what color's their hair, most importantly, what shoe size they wear."

How Many Pips in a Pear: "In the South, we call seeds 'pips.' Before someone eats a pear, you guess how many pips are in it."

Jake and I also talked album titles. Read about it here.

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