Would You Go to a Greener Sasquatch If It Weren't at the Gorge?

Renee McMahon
The Gorge during Sasquatch! 2010.
The numbers on Sasquatch! 2010's carbon footprint, according to a report provided to Reverb by Carbon Harmony, the company responsible for tabulating the fest's carbon output:

2,839: Number of tons of greenhouse gas Carbon Harmony estimates Sasquatch! 2010 created.

$3 to $5: The estimated amount it costs, per ton, Carbon Harmony estimates, to offset Sasquatch! by purchasing anaerobic digester carbon credits.

$15 to $30,000: Carbon Harmony's estimate as to how much it cost Honda, the advertised partner purchasing offsets, to purchase the offsets.

87.8: Percent of total greenhouse gases generated by attendees and bands traveling to the festival.

.25: Percent of total greenhouse gases generated from plastic used at the festival.

870: Number of festival patrons who signed up for Sasquatch!'s carpooling initiative. Says a rep for festival sponsor Esurance: "The carpool program at Sasquatch was the most successful that our carpool administrators at ZimRide have encountered to date."

188: Miles between Seattle and the Gorge.

800: Number of miles on average an attendee traveled to get to and from the festival, according to a Carbon Harmony survey. "The venue is so far out," says Carbon Harmony's Elie Rothchild, "most people are driving from Seattle."

Rothchild, a resident of San Francisco who is flying up for Sasquatch! 2011, doesn't think it feasible to move Sasquatch! from the Gorge to a metro area like Seattle, where fans could reach the fest via public transportation.

"I think that Sasquatch! has really upped what they're doing as far as carbon footprint with the festival to the full extent," he says. "Like you said, the only other possible way [to reduce travel aside from carpooling options] would be to move the festival closer to Seattle, but I don't really see that as a viable solution. Part of the experience is the Gorge. It's not just the music."

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