Watch the Trailer for the Shabazz Palaces-Scored Documentary About Kenyan Glue-Huffing, Tough Bond

The release date for Shabazz Palaces' much-anticipated Sub Pop debut Black Up has been pushed back to June 28 (to be celebrated with a pair of record release shows at Neumos on June 30 and July 1), but in the meantime, you can check out the above trailer for Tough Bond, a forthcoming documentary by Village Beat due out this summer, about "kids sniffing glue to survive street life in Kenya's disappearing villages and exploding urban slums." The trailer features Shabazz Palaces' electrifying mbira riff "Blastit" from their self-titled EP, and if that track didn't already send shivers down your spine, see how it does set to the simultaneously vibrant and bleak images above.

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