Today Reverb Recommends That if You Like Paul Simon's Graceland, Pick Up His Latest, So Beautiful or So What

I'm always skeptical of "It's his best record since (insert album here)" talk. At any time, you can find someone who thinks that a band/artist's most recent album is their best one since their most famous one. In the case of R.E.M., everyone always says every record is their best since New Adventures in Hi-Fi. The critics who are saying Paul Simon's latest, So Beautiful or So What, is his best since Graceland, however, just may have a point.

I've spent a couple enjoyable weeks with So Beautiful or So What, but haven't spent enough time with Simon's albums after 1986's Graceland to say it's his best since then. But after seeing Simon seamlessly weave the old and the classic last night at the Showbox, I'm convinced that folks who have made Graceland a regular part of their week will find much to love in So Beautiful or So What.

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