Today Reverb Recommends Stopping By the Crocodile to See THEESatisfaction and Some Equally Exciting Opening Acts

In this week's Short List, Brian Barr shared his thoughts on Seattle's self-appointed weirdos, female hip-hop duo THEESatisfaction:

No matter your opinion of hip-hop duo THEESatisfaction, there's no denying they've carved quite the unique niche for themselves. Thee Stasia and Cat Satisfaction have embraced their inner nerd-freak in a manner rarely seen in hip-hop. Matching their liquidy marriage of hip-hop and soul-jazz, the two champion science fiction and '60s psychedelia alongside a free-will soul ethos (think: Erykah Badu) and a cosmic philosophy not unlike the original black weirdo himself, Sun Ra. Rumors have been swirling about an impending record deal with Sub Pop, which would be a massive mind-fuck. Since the locally monolithic label has historically been at its best when giving shelter to weirdos and outcasts, I sincerely hope Sub Pop flies that freak flag fly once again. (My note: despite Matson's retraction, other sources have confirmed the THEESatisfaction-Sub Pop link is a reality.)

Also on the bill is Cloud Nice collective's Helladope, the South End duo of Jerm and Tay Sean, notorious for their energetic live show and unadulteratedly catchy songs; as well as OC Notes, whose production itself garnered a good bit of buzz and recent collaboration with Fresh Espresso's Rik Rude as Metal Chocolates is earning even more. The doors open at 8 p.m., and $8 bucks gets you through 'em.

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