Today Reverb Recommends Catching Starfucker at the Croc


Regardless of what you think about Starfucker's music (opinions range from catchy synth-pop to soulless, glazed-over electro-pastiche), what's undeniable is that they're one hell of a lot of fun to see live. The Portland quartet's shows are sweaty, animated affairs, with the band--often dressed in drag--managing synths, samplers, and even turntables and a tape deck, prompting the audience to transition from self-conscious hipster sway into full-on dance mode.

Starfucker is touring in support of their sophomore album, Reptilians, released on Polyvinyl last month. The record is largely a more cleanly produced continuation of what the band set out to accomplish on its 2008 self-titled debut, full of pop hooks, slick grooves, and off-the-wall samples--snippets of narration from the British philosopher Alan Watts were a fixture on their first album and return on "Mystery Cloud," the fourth track on Reptilians.

Opening tonight's show at the Croc will be Champagne Champagne, making for an electronic/hip-hop bill that happens to be a perfect fit. Doors open at 8 p.m., and tickets cost $13.

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