Tit Pig Starts a Mosh Pit in a Kitchen on Saturday Night

Rylan Morris Scherer
Tit Pig
Local thrash provocateurs Tit Pig might not seem like the sort of band that would create opportunities for etiquette lessons, but that was the case at a house show this past Saturday. The show began as an early-evening BBQ, and Tit Pig started playing just before dusk. They set up in the living room of a Central District house, but you could watch the band from the adjacent kitchen thanks to an open countertop between the rooms. Or at least you could until people started sitting on the countertop, blocking the view for the rest of the room. And here's where the punk-rock etiquette lesson begins.

How does a punk-rock crowd, bound only by anarchistic freedom of association, deal with one jerk ruining things for everyone? Well, by asking nicely, of course (or throwing beer cans if that doesn't work). Punk-rock justice is DIY and entirely provisional. Eventually, dude plopped down from the in-the-way on the countertop into the main living room-crowd, clearing the view for everyone. And good thing, because Tit Pig were tearing it up as usual: Sean "the Prawn" Evoy barking hateful nonsense (the only couple lines I distinctly made out were respectively anti-Obama and pro-cocaine, but I'm sure there were way worse), Willy "Seattle's Slash" Nilz shredding out tasty guitar riffs, bassist Eric Yates and drummer Chris Byrne hammering out heart-attack rhythms. "Oh, fuck me? Real original," snapped Evoy between songs. "That one's never been done before."

As the band continued, though, view-blocking dude hopped back onto the kitchen counter, chucked a plastic cup of tequila into the crowd there, and finally leaped into the kitchen to act as a one-man mosh pit (not counting the one other dude he dragged around by his armpits at one point). Fair enough, but after the show the lesson continued, as two guys in black horn-rimmed glasses argued about the etiquette of the ledge-sitter's behavior. The guy who won the argument: "Dude, it's a fucking punk show."

Later, the Pharmacy played a set before scooting over to the Vera Project for BirthDIY Fest there. "Dig Your Grave" sounded awesome, anthemic, all pogo drums and electric guitar strum and organ swells and eponymous chorus landing like three exclamation points: Dig! Your! Grave! "I hope everyone brought their Vera Cards," they joked between sets. They closed with a fine, guitar-noodling cover of Japanther's punk burn "Selfish Kids." (TacocaT headlined, but I only just heard "Leotard" from outside before my ride came and I had to split.)

Reporter's Notebook

Overheard in the Crowd (while Tit Pig were blaring): "What you been up to?" "Oh, just school shit."

Personal Bias: Sean Evoy's a real jerk.

BTW: Nilz wants it to be known for the record that Tit Pig are NOT Evoy's "backing band"; if anything, Evoy is their backing singer. Let the record show. Also, those pot brownies or whatever they were were like 100% butter.

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