Something Else to Work Up Your Record-Store-Day Frenzy: Kill Rock Stars' Re-Issue of 1991 Compilation

Kill Rock Stars is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year--and, in their own honor, putting out a very special re-issue on April 16 for Record Store Day. The label's very first release, a 1991 compilation including tracks from Nirvana, Courtney Love, Bratmobile, and Bikini Kill, will be re-released. The LP will be limited to 2,000 copies only; they're all hand-numbered and are packaged in a silk-screened jacket, just like the original.

Hopefully there'll be some punching fights over this one. If you get your hands on this LP and the Nirvana Hormoaning EP, you will pretty much be the coolest cat in Seattle. (Or Olympia).

If you don't like shoving and fighting, you can pre-order the KRS comp on their website to guarantee yourself one of the first 100 copies. Click through to see the comp's full track listing.


Bratmobile - 01 Girl Germs

Some Velvet Sidewalk - 02 Loch Ness

Courtney Love - 03 Don't Mix the Colors

The Nation of Ulysses - 04 N.O.U. Coking With Gas!

Unwound - 05 You Speak Jealousy

Mecca Normal - 06 Narrow

Nirvana - 07 Beeswax

Bikini Kill - 08 Feels Blind

Witchypoo - 09 The Reaper Song

Melvins - 10 Ever Since My Accident

Infamous Menagerie - 11 Immediate Impound Zone

Kicking Giant - 12 Make You Come

Fitz of Depression - 13 Everybody and their Dog

Jad Fair - 14 Red Dress

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