Reminder: You Can't Camp at the Gorge If You Don't Have a Ticket to Sasquatch!

This isn't new news, but it's new on my radar, and maybe on some of yours. I was chatting with someone in camp Sasquatch! last week who mentioned that everyone who is camping at the Gorge for the festival this year has to have a ticket for the show. This is a big change from previous years, when the campground/refugee camp was commonly inhibited by its fair share of thrill-seekers and hash-slingers who aren't in town to see a show.

If you only have tickets to one day and you're planning to stay for a few days . . . good luck. It doesn't sound like they're going to kick you out, but we'll keep y'all updated if we learn more. Yes, the Memorial Day weekend fest has been sold out for months.

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