Pre-Pay and Drink: How to Leave Your Car on the Hill All Night Without Getting a Ticket

From the department of the reasonable/applicable/common-sense policy, Mayor Mike McGinn announced yesterday a policy that will give clubgoers one less reason to drive tipsy. If you've been out drinking on the Hill and you think you've had too much, you no longer have to decide whether or not to try and drive home or leave your car parked on the street and get a parking ticket. You can, in fact, leave your car and pre-pay for parking in the morning, so you can walk/cab it home at night, and wander back to your car before brunch.

Via the mayor's press release:

Starting today, April 21, people will see new blue and yellow informational stickers on the pay stations in the Pike-Pine and Capitol Hill neighborhoods. The stickers explain that after 10 p.m. two hours of parking for the following morning from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. can be purchased to give drivers more time to get home safely and retrieve their vehicles the next day. The stickers will eventually be applied to all pay stations.

Steven Severin, the owner of Neumos and a member of the mayor's nightlife commission, told me yesterday that "the pre-payment option, it's nothing but a win-win for everybody. It really doesn't get better than that. It's awesome."

We're gonna go ahead and agree.

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