Chalk this up as the cutest thing you've seen all day-- Forbidden Friends ( the Thermals' Hutch Harris' side project , which includes both other


Hutch Harris Stars in His Own Kids' Show in Forbidden Friends' "Tiny Hands" Video

Chalk this up as the cutest thing you've seen all day--Forbidden Friends (the Thermals' Hutch Harris' side project, which includes both other Thermals Kathy Harris and Westin Glass, along with drums by Michael Benjamin Lerner) have released a video for their first single, "Tiny Hands."

The video, which premiered on IFC last Friday, is highly adorable and features Harris singing and wiggling around to the beat of the song as director Clyde Peterson's sweet animations appear behind him--there are kitties, UFOs, rocket ships, flames, birds! The animations are wonderful, and Harris gives a grade-A performance. I've never seen him look so happy. The video is very Blue's Clues, except for the part where Harris smokes a cartoon joint, because drugs are bad.

Psst . . . you can download this song for free on Kill Rock Stars' website.

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