If you're a true vinyl-loving music geek, you've already mapped out a route to make the most of your time on Record Store Day this


Choose Your Own Adventure: The Many Roads to Record Store Day Deals, Signings, and Shows

If you're a true vinyl-loving music geek, you've already mapped out a route to make the most of your time on Record Store Day this Saturday. Those of us who haven't memorized all the in-store shows going on around town or the staggering list of limited-edition releases rolling out are still excited, but much more overwhelmed at the prospect of how to go about it effectively. There's just too much going on around town to do it all. With that in mind, we've broken down the biggest store happenings by neighborhood, as there's enough going on around Seattle to satisfy sonic appetites large and small. Pick the one that works for you, but remember: Slow and steady wins the race. Don't blow your whole 401k on every release that catches your eye. Study the list, pace yourself, and be prepared to elbow out any competition should quantities run low. Happy shopping and Happy Record Store Day!

The MARATHON: Queen Anne

Noon: Peter Buck signing at Easy Street Records in Queen Anne. If you're a fan of the band-hopping guitarist, Buck's RSD appearance is a boon for your record collection. Bring your R.E.M. memorabilia, old records, or T-shirts. Throw down some scrilla and buy R.E.M.'s exclusive RSD release 7'' Three, or their new record Collapse Into Now. Pick up a copy of The Baseball Project's newest release, Volume 2: High and Inside (Mike Seely loved it). Or a Minus Five or Young Fresh Fellows record--he plays on quite a few of them. There's gotta be something in your music library that Buck played on. Bring it in and get it signed!

Then: Hop down to Silver Platters, where all items in stock are 15% off regular prices, and settle in for a slew of in-store shows: Massy Ferguson performs at 2 p.m., followed by Zoe Muth at 3 p.m. and the Tea Cozies at 4 p.m..

Or: Stay put at Easy Street and catch Seattle Weekly's own Duff McKagan performing with his band Loaded at 2 p.m.--and see if you can get their new album, The Taking, signed too. The Head and the Heart play their final RSD show here at 7 p.m..

Don't forget to refuel. Best nearby lunch break: The Mecca Cafe for breakfast and Bloody Marys or Pagliacci's for beer and a slice.


The Moondoggies start their in-store at 1 p.m. at Sonic Boom. They're followed by Telekinesis at 5 p.m., giving you ample time to power through a sandwich at Homegrown before heading over to neighboring Everyday Music.

Due to lack of space, Everyday Music won't be hosting any bands, but they are offering 20% off all used merchandise and 10% off all new merch, doubling your chance to snag limited-edition titles that might have gone too quickly at Sonic Boom. Sonic Boom's merch is 10% off with two nonperishable items. Be on the look out for their "realtime, actual in-stock list," slated to be posted on their website sometime Friday.

THE 5K: Ballard, Fremont, or West Seattle

If you're looking to avoid a mob scene, record shops in Ballard, Fremont, and West Seattle are likely to be busy, but not as packed as Queen Anne's or Capitol Hill's. The Head and the Heart play Ballard's Sonic Boom at 3 p.m.; Grieves and Budo round up for a signing at the same time at Easy Street West Seattle. Jive Time in Fremont is offering 20 percent off all records, CDs, and DVDs (by far the best no-strings-attached RSD discount), and is giving away free hand-screened Record Store Day Posters with purchases over $25.

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