Check Out Aberdeen's New Kurt Cobain Memorial, Unveiled Just Yesterday

Yesterday, on the 17th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death, Aberdeen unveiled a new memorial to their native son. The concrete statue isn't of Cobain, but of an 8.5 foot Fender Jag-Stang--which we think is a much classier way to go. A steel ribbon wraps around the guitar inscribed with the words "One more special message to go and then I'm done and I can go home"--lyrics from Nirvana's "On a Plain." Visitors can find the new statue in North Aberdeen near the Young Street Bridge (of "Something in the Way" fame).

The new statue's creator is the local artist Lora Malakoff, who told Q13 FOX:

"I first moved to Aberdeen right after Kurt Cobain died. And I was always surprised there was nothing here to memorialize him. I had always hoped there would be. As one generation goes and another takes over, things change. That's what happened here with Kurt Cobain."

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