Can Anyone Find Any Negative Local Press on Fleet Foxes?

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As we reported yesterday, Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold pointed out via Twitter: "Both weeklies in Seattle have joke-y, belittling articles about us this week. Being a local press punching bag is one reason I moved. Happy?"

Seriously? I can't find any negative local press on Fleet Foxes. Even yesterday's satirical pieces in the Weekly and Stranger weren't really negative (though in music journalism, anything short of sanctimonious tends to get branded that way).

So can anyone find ANY negative local press on Fleet Foxes that might make Pecknold feel like a "local press punching bag" and may have chased him away to Portland?

I can't. But I did some looking. Consider the following:

Via the Weekly/Reverb:

This is nice: "Helplessness Blues' title track--available for free download after the jump--reveals a more crystalline Fleet Foxes sound than we've previously heard from the band. The band has retained their signature harmonies, led by frontman Robin Pecknold's reverb-soaked vocals. But they're cleaner and more refined, a sound Pecknold teased to with his cover of "Be Yourself," on the Graham Nash tribute album of the same name."

This is extremely generous: " . . . seeing Fleet Foxes fill a tiny shoebox theater with massive waves of heavenly, reverb-drenched four-part harmonies may as well have converted the place into a church."

This is a compliment: "I Just Realized That Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold Sounds Exactly Like Raffi"

This is an honor: "David Crosby Digs Fleet Foxes"

OK, this is a tad snarky: "Fleet Foxes' 'Grown Ocean': Is This a Music Video or a Trailer for Portlandia, Season Two?"

The Stranger/LineOut

This is a little snarky, but whatever: "Hey everybody, time to get really excited or really annoyed!"

This is deferential: "After the jump, everything you ever wanted to know about Fleet Foxes and the new album, as told by Robin Pecknold!"

This is very kind: "Fleet Foxes Are Not Hippies"

The Seattle Times

This is breathless: "It's Spring, and Seattle is in love."

This is flattering: " . . . it should be noted that the Seattle band sounded amazing . . . "

This is, too: " . . . Fleet Foxes, a band that works for all that marketing activity, but also makes some of the most CRITICALLY IMPORTANT MUSIC (sorry for yelling) of this generation."

This is the truth: "The Mountain officially characterizes its format as "acoustic, electric, classic, eclectic"--but mellow rock is close to the mark. Such middle-of-the-road fare traditionally has been scorned by young, cutting-edge Seattleites, but, ironically, millenials recently have embraced a species of Americana that sounds suspiciously like the music their parents listened to. Fleet Foxes, The Head and the Heart, Mumford and Sons, and the Avett Brothers all air on The Mountain, and, not surprisingly, they fit right in."

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