Assuming the Rumor-Mongering Was True, Would You Even *Want* Soundgarden to Headline the Capitol Hill Block Party?

Last night, KEXP DJ Assistant Jon B. Hamilton sent me the following tweet, retweeted by Capitol Hill Block Party, speculating that Seattle grunge icons Soundgarden could be playing the Pike St. music festival:

@EricGrandy Did you see this? "@CHBlockParty: @JonBHamilton Is it weird that there is no Seattle date???"less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

In fact, Hamilton tweeted that item to a bunch of outlets, and CHBP has enthusiastically posted coverage of it to their Facebook page, in what amounts to some shamelessly transparent rumor-milling. Now, I don't know Hamilton's stake here--maybe he's just a Soundgarden superfan--but it's obvious what the Block Party has to gain: free publicity and the possibility of selling tickets pre-lineup announcement, all without having actually promised anyone anything. Or they might just be letting a cat out of the bag. Who knows? (The tour dates Hamilton points to aren't anything so telling as a hole between Portland and Vancouver dates the weekend of CHBP, they're just four shows earlier in July with the last scheduled date in Inglewood, Calif., that Friday, July 22nd.) But if the rumor was true: Would we even want Soundgarden to headline the Capitol Hill Block Party?

On the pro side: Yes, grunge icons, Seattle history, NEVER FORGET, etc. (And to their credit, the reunion shows have gotten pretty great reviews.)

On the con side: No new material, Chris Cornell's soul patch, and finally, mightn't Soundgarden be just a little too big and mainstream for Capitol Hill Block Party, which has always positioned itself as something like Bumbershoot's hipper little bro? Or, as Josh Bis puts it:

Seems @CHblockparty is feeding the Soundgarden rumormill, but a Lollapalooza headliner on Broadway+Pike sounds disasterworthy /cc @jseattleless than a minute ago via Twitter for Mac Favorite Retweet Reply

Seriously, put these guys in Bumbershoot's shiny new KeyArena, IMO.

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