Another Reason to Go to Tomorrow's Pains of Being Pure at Heart/Twin Shadow Show: Seattle's Own Seapony

Angel Ceballos
Aww, twee.
Soooo, you're swooning over the Pains of Being Pure at Heart , you want to move into Twin Shadow's mustache and stay, but how about yet ANOTHER reason to go out to the Crocodile for tomorrow night's show? (Wait, is it sold out yet? It probably will be tomorrow if it's not already, so either way: get yer shit.) Well, here you go: Seattle's own Seapony, whose debut album Go With Me is due out May 31 on Sub Pop imprint Hardly Art. Seapony are a boy/girl trio who do the fuzzy, daydreaming indie-pop thing only with slightly less than Flood-budget production.

Today they share a new single from the forthcoming album, "Blue Star":

Seapony - "Blue Star"

So there you go.

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