What Are the 10 Most-Played Songs in Your iTunes?

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
I had a very interesting/enjoyable/insightful chat with local musician Charles Leo Gebhardt IV yesterday. The impetus for our conversation was to go over his new GGNZLA record, Begin Again, which drops on Tuesday, and which he's celebrating with a show at Cairo on Saturday night. But, we got a bit distracted. I'm going to pull a few posts out of our chat, and here's the first.

What are the 10 most played songs on your iTunes? I agreed to send mine to Leo, and he sent me his (after the jump). You can reach for all kinds of meaning from the results of such revelations. I can't say I'm too surprised by my list. I make no secret of my affinity for KOL, Cave Singers, or Oakley Hall (that's the Brian J. Barr rubbing off on me).

Feel free to contribute your own lists.

The Top 10 Most Played Songs on Charles Leo Gebhardt IV's iTunes:

1. "Gimme Gimme Gimme," The Dirty Projectors, Daytrotter Session Encore

2. "El Vistado," Juana Molina, Un Día

3. "Don't Get Cute," Kurt Vile, Constant Hitmaker

4. "See No Evil," Television, 1977 Marquee Moon

5. "Look at What the Light Did Now," Little Wings, Light Green Leaves

6. "Thunder Road," Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run

7. "Teach My Heart," Charles Leo Gebhardt IV, Begin Again

8. "Time," La Düsseldorf, La Düsseldorf / Viva

9. "Mariam," Béla Fleck, Throw Down Your Heart: Tale From the Acoustic Planet, Vol. 3 - Africa Sessions

10. "Chapel of Roses," Charles Leo Gebhardt IV, Begin Again

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