Today Reverb Recommends You Check Out Sexy-Smart French Musician Yann Tiersen

French musician Yann Tiersen is best known to those outside of his home country for composing the enchanting score to the 2001 film Amélie starring Audrey Tautou. But his sixth and most recent album Dust Lane is as, if not more, beguiling: a collection of bittersweet but gorgeous songs focused on mortality. (Tiersen lost his mother and a close friend during its recording.) The multiple layers embedded in each song--acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers, even the mandolin--are best demonstrated in a live performance, during which the talented composer effortlessly alternates among various instruments.

Tiersen rarely interacts with his audience (with the exception of a shy smile or a mumble of thanks here and there), but his music speaks so eloquently that he need not resort to gimmicks for them to appreciate it anyway. Be sure to check out his superb skills (along with that of opening act With Breathe Owl Breathe) at Neumos this Saturday, March 5. Doors open at 8 p.m. and tickets are $17.50.

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