Today Reverb Recommends You Celebrate St. Patrick's Day at Conor Byrne

Of all the massive fêtes thrown by Irish pubs in this city on St. Patrick's Day, how many are music-oriented? Sure, chugging green beer can be fun, but the venues that serve it typically attract obnoxious frat boys and at least a few belligerent girls dressed in barmaid costumes or even less (see right).

But at Conor Byrne, such patrons are ostracized. The Ballard pub is proud to say it steers clear of green Jell-o shots and Irish car bombs. Instead, it serves a solid selection of regular-hued beer and, more important, hosts a solid lineup of bands--Robert Sarazin Blake's Paddy Whackers, Erin McNamee Band, and the Whisky Swillers--next Thursday to ensure you enjoy a spectacular, live-music-filled St. Patrick's Day party without the petty nuisances.

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