Reverb Exclusive: Stream Shelby Earl's New John Roderick-Produced Record, Burn the Boats (and a Little Gossip for Good Measure)

No, John, I will not pull your finger!
It's release day for Seattle singer/songwriter/sweetheart Shelby Earl, who enlisted Reverb columnist/Long Winters frontman John Roderick to produce her new record, Burn the Boats. Earl was kind enough to give Reverb readers a free listen to the entire record (after the jump) and some insight into what it's like to work with a shit-talking, Tweet-loving, "producer"-scorning guy like Roderick.

Here's what she said:

So did John do anything other than tweet in the studio?

Um. He definitely did some tweeting. He sort of had two different speeds. When he put the phone down, he was in. He was completely in. He has this sort of crazy ability I haven't seen before--to unhinge his brain and leave out all the overthinking and just go with ideas. It was really, really fun.

Did he add any waves, ocean noises, or motorcycles?

No, he didn't. But the first day we went into the studio . . . the very first song we opened up to work on, he said, "Hey, Eric, given me a mike at the organ." He started playing this organ sound, totally sci-fi, that had nothing to do with the song. I was like, "No, this is not a John Vanderslice record!" And he was like, "No, no, no, just let me try stuff. " He was not heavy-handed at all. Again, he just heard stuff that I wouldn't have heard.

Did the organ make the album?

It did, in the fourth track, Smoke Goes Clearing. It almost sounds like a flute, but it's an organ.

You're being very nice, Shelby. But John's all about shit-talking. Give me something!

I will say, he kept trying to get me to pull his finger. Professionally, he's going to have to work on that front.

Burn the Boats - Shelby Earl by shelbyearl1

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